Top Spanish Childrens Apps To Help Your Kids Learn

Why let your preschool children play fun but mindless games when they could play fun but educational games? Hopefully this site will help you find more of the latter.

Why let your preschool children play fun but mindless games when they could play fun but educational games? Hopefully this site will help you find more of the latter. 5 stars 😀 iWriteWords Tracing Game (lite, full, full, full) by gdiplus, Age 3+, Letters, Words, Numbers, Coordination, Physics. A top [?]

5 stars

iWriteWords Tracing Game (lite, full, full, full) by gdiplus, Age 3+, Letters, Words, Numbers, Coordination, Physics. A top quality app to teach your child to write. Simply superb.

4.5 stars

  • Elephant Song (free) by Appsnminded, Age 1+, Animals, Singing, Story Book, Jigsaw Puzzle, Matching. Elephant Song is an iPhone app based on the song by Eric Herman. Its really delightful, with over 6 million views on YouTube.
  • I Hear Ewe – Animal Sounds for Toddlers (free) by Claireware Software, Age 1+, Animals. A quality iPhone game for preschool children (toddlers up) to teach them animal sounds.
  • Memory Match (free, paid) by Jirbo, Inc., Age 3+, Matching. A quality implementation of the popular memory match game where you have to flip cards to find pairs with the same picture.
  • Peekaboo Barn (lite, full) by Night & Day Studios, Inc., Age 1+, Animals.Hear an animal sound, touch the barn, and see what is inside. A lovely game for the very young. (Might be too simple for older children.)
  • Preschool Adventure (paid) by 3DAL, Age 2+, Animals, Colors, Numbers, Shapes, Matching. Possibly the most reviewed preschool app on the iphone – because its pretty good. It is 6 simple apps in one, with good educational merit for 2/3yo children.
  • Shape Builder – the Preschool Learning Puzzle Game (lite, full) byDarren Murtha Design, Age 3+, Jigsaw Puzzle, Shapes, Matching. Shape Builder is a quality educational jigsaw puzzle like game for preschoolers on your iPhone. Months later Big-T still loves it.

4 stars

  • ABC Match (free) by Appsolutely Fun, Age 3+, Matching, Letters. A memory match game where you match letters rather than pictures. A good little app for those wanting your children to practice with letters.
  • Alphabetic (lite, full) by No Monkeys, Age 3+, Letters, Coordination. Arcade game where you have to quickly touch the right letter. Fun for all ages.
  • Animal Farm (lite, full) by, Age 2+, Animals. A good little iPhone game for young children that has photos of animals, sounds, a learning mode, and a quiz mode.
  • Chocolate Shop Frenzy (lite, full) by Digital Chocolate, Inc., Age 3+, Shapes, Matching. Run your own chocolate shop selling chocolate to customers. I used this with my 3yo to teach concepts of how a shop works from the perspective of the shop owner. (Its also fun!)
  • I See Ewe – Animal Sounds for Toddlers (paid) by Claireware Software, Age 3+, Animals, Shapes, Colors. Good app for practicing shapes, sounds, colors, and images. Good educational merit.
  • MPB: Spaghetti (free) by Moving Picture Books, Age 2+, Story Book, Singing, Words, Listening. A quality digital story book for the child’s song about meat balls and sneezing. Moving Picture Books have a range of other titles too. I thought I had found my nirvana in searching for digital story books for the iPhone, but limitations soon became apparent. So very good, but not perfect.
  • Scribble (free, paid) by Zintin, Age 1+, Drawing. Scribble is a simple drawing app that even Little-J (1yo) can make wonderful artwork with. OK maybe its not so wonderful, but he finds it fascinating.
  • Toddler Teasers Shapes (free) by Toddler Teasers, Age 2+, Shapes, Listening. Teaches your toddler shapes like squares, triangles, cresents. My 3yo loves the sticker rewards concept.
  • Wheels on the Bus (paid) by Duck Duck Moose, Age 2+, Singing, Story Book. The “Wheels on the Bus” interactive book is a high quality book for young children. However, for some reason, Big-T (my 3yo boy) does not enjoy it! Go figure.
  • iPushFit Jigsaw (lite, full) by Vivid Apps, Age 3+, Jigsaw Puzzle, Shapes, Matching. A jigsaw puzzle style game where you have to push pieces of a photo into the correct positions. My 3yo boy loves it.

3.5 stars

  • Clara (free) by Memention AB, Age 2+, Animals, Listening. Basic app for young kids. Plays a sound clip and then you have to identify one of four photos the sound clip is for (horse, cat, baby, steam train, truck, etc).
  • FunBoard (free) by Cool Kid Software, Age 1+, Coordination. This app is targetted at very young children. It is based on some sound educational concepts for its age group, but falls short in a few areas.
  • Learn Time (lite, full) by Rob Clarke, Age 3+, Time. Teaches reading the time on an analog clock. Great concept, pretty good graphics, but room for improvement.
  • Little Bella’s – I Close my Eyes (lite, full) by Tui Studios, Age 2+, Imagination, Story Book, Listening. An interactive story book about Little Bella and things she imagines when she closes her eyes. Superb quality, reasonable educational merit.
  • Looptastic Electro Edition (lite, full) by Sound Trends LLC, Age 3+, Musical Appreciation. Plays a loop of electro music where you can mix and adjust the drums, electro rhythms, and a voice to create some funky music.
  • Postman Plum Interactive Kids Book (free) by Iconic Apps, Age 2+, Story Book. An interactive childrens book that speaks. Does not teach children to read. This was Big-T’s favorite app for several weeks.

3 stars

  • ABCs (free, paid) by 24x7digital, Age 2+, Letters. Shows and speaks letters in the alphabet with an elementary user interface.
  • Animal SNAP! (lite, full) by collect3, Age 4+, Matching, Coordination. The game of Snap with cards with animals pictures.
  • Drum Kit (lite, full) by CrimsonJet, Inc., Age 1+, Musical Appreciation, Coordination. This is a popular drum kit app. I wanted to use it to teach the concept of percussion as distinct from notes.
  • Melodica (paid) by CandyCane, Age 5+, Musical Appreciation. Melodica plays a music loop where you can choose the notes by touching squares in a matrix (plays left to right, which high squares representing high notes). Its something like wind chimes – the available notes are selected to sound good together. My aim was to teach my boys some basic musical concepts (such as high and low notes).

2.5 stars

  • Crazy Mouth (lite, full) by, Age 2+, Interactive Play. A review of the iPhone app “Crazy Mouth” for preschool children. Quite fun, but questionable educational value.
  • Paper Toss (free) by Backflip Studios, Age 3+, Physics. Toss paper into a rubbish bin, with fans to add wind. A little education about wind but lots of fun.

2 stars

  • BubbleWrap (lite, full) by Oresome, Age 1+, Coordination. BubbleWrap allows you to pop bubbles in electronic bubble wrap. No skill required – a 1yo can pop bubbles. For older kids get it to amuse, not to educate.

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