Pool Pumps for Swimming Pools in Spain

Regardless of the size or type of swimming pool they own, every pool owner wants sparkling clean, crystal-clear water in their swimming pool.

Freshly filtered, clean pool water is a pleasure to swim, play & relax in, and is one of the most captivating aspects of owning a swimming pool. On the other hand, cloudy, discolored or algae-filled pool water is unsightly, and can potentially irritate skin, damage pool equipment, and pose an overall health hazard to swimmers.

Fortunately, the job of maintaining pool water quality is made significantly easier by the range of swimming pool pumps available today. At Specialty Pool Products, we offer a wide selection of Harward both above ground pool pumps and inground pool pumps, as well as new energy-efficient inground pool pumps.

The swimming pool pump (also referred to as “pump & motor”) is the piece of swimming pool equipment that circulates the pool water, forcing it through the swimming pool filter and then back into the pool. Properly circulating the pool water also helps distribute chemicals & sanitizers, to better maintain water quality and balance.

You can read a review on the Hayward Power-Flo LX Pool Pump SP1580X15 over on this blog. Just say big Red sent ya!

At Specialty Pool Products, we carry a complete line of top-quality swimming pool pumps for aboveground and inground pools, by manufacturers including Hayward, Pentair & Sta-Rite.

Swimming pool pumps are typically sized by their capacity to circulate the entire volume of swimming pool water in eight (8) hours. The pipes & additional pieces of pool equipment (including attached spas, solar heating systems etc) that the water passes through, also help determine the size and power of the swimming pool pump you will need. In general, the most important thing to remember about swimming pool pumps is that the larger the pool pump, the greater the pumping & maintenance costs. Therefore, you want to choose the smallest size pool pump possible for your size swimming pool. As you choose your perfect pool pump, also remember:

  • Water features in your pool (such as an attached spa, waterfall and other effects), & additional pieces of pool equipment
    (including solar heating panels) may require a certain minimum level of pumping power. Remember to consider them as
    you size your swimming pool pump
  • If you are replacing an existing swimming pool pump on a pool you did not install yourself, remember that there’s no 
    guarantee your current swimming pool pump was sized properly to begin with!

So how do you select the swimming pool pump that is right for your swimming pool? Give the Pool Experts at Specialty Pool Products an email

We’ll take the time to understand your budget, preferences and characteristics of your swimming pool. We’ll clearly describe the differences between various models and answer any questions you may have. We can even show you money-saving things you can do to help reduce the size of the swimming pool pump you need.

At Specialty Pool Products, our goal is to help you save money, and enjoy easier maintenance, lower utilities costs, and longer equipment life.