11 Money Saving Tips on your Holiday to Puerto Banus

Every year we down tools here at SOS Records and plan our holidays. Its a refreshing time that us as a group look forward to immensely.

This year we took a few different steps to make sure we got value for money. I have compiled a few money saving tips to help you save some pennies.

Our last holiday was to Marbella, Puerto Banus in Spain we followed the below steps to save money.

banus marina
Puerto Banus – Milk and Honey

Please note all these tips have helped me save some money they may or may not be as effective depending on your location and holiday location.

So before you jump on the next low budget airline check out these tips

  1. Always book flights well in advance
  2. If your in a large group haggle for better prices on accommodation and any pre booking or service.
  3. Car hire book in advance if in small group
  4. If you are traveling in a large group always book a minibus company for airport transfers and for trips to restaurants, golf or day trips. (saves on nominated drink driver squabbles)
  5. Go on Tripadvisor for ideas but dont take every review as gospel there are a lot of bitter people
  6. Are you traveling with kids? Then plan extra early and make sure there are things to do for them when you get there.
  7. If it seems to good to be true it probably is that beautiful villa you booked maybe 10 miles from the nearest shop or beach.
  8. Look for Groupon codes or cool deals offers where you are staying. You can save on local bar meals and site-seeing trips.
  9. If your really keen and its an expensive trip make sure to join a forum and Facebook group. There are lots of like minded people who are more than willing to help you maximise the enjoyment from your trip and give you some great pointers.
  10. Does your minibus company charge extra at peak times?
  11. Do the airport transfer service have extra luggage carrying facilities for golf clubs and excess luggage?
  12. Sun cream and toiletries – take them with you
  13. DVD, tablet mobile phone chargers and adapters.
  14. If traveling with records or CDs dont take USB stick instead

Always make a checklist of the most important things to you that you need to take away. Then brainstorm these ideas and settle on a shortlist that WILL fit in your case

Ive just read the latest report on Jet2’s fiasco problem on a 27 hour delay with no compensation, unbelievable more reason to do your homework.

There are websites that will log every flight form every tour operator, airport at different times to provide a detailed report on the most guilty airlines and delayed routes.

Some airlines actually over book flights and use planes that are coming from two or more previous different cities to save on fuel and flights passenger taxes.

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